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The Good Wife Flail Party

YOU GUYS. I may have skipped five episodes just to watch certain scenes in tonight's ep. TOTALLY JUSTIFIED.

Okay, before I get down to What We Learned, I need to do some fangirl flailing.

Eeee! Cuteness. And so sweet how Alicia was demanding a genuine smile from Kalinda. Heh, she's such a mum.

OKAY SO DONNA! Remember that time a billion years ago when we were all going nuts over one throwaway line in a phonecall? WELL HOW DO WE ALL FEEL NOW?! *FLAILS*
Donna! I love her. We NEED to see more of her. How long were she and Kalinda together? So many questions. There was a lot of information thrown at us tonight, so to help piece it all together I've transcribed the three main Kalinda/Donna scenes.

Four Months Later

Kalinda: Hey Donna. What's up?
*Donna walks off past her*
Kalinda: You're talking to somebody.
Donna: I'm talking to somebody? I'm talking to a lot of people.
Kalinda: Somebody from my office, an investigator named Blake.
*Donna continues reading through her brief*
Kalinda: Look, I need you to stop talking.
Donna: Kalinda, four months, and this is what you come to talk to me about?
Kalinda: How are you? [lulz, oh geez girl]
Donna: Oh yeah, humanitarian of the year.
*Donna defends her masturbating client awesomely and hilariously*
Kalinda: You could make a lot of money in a big firm.
Donna: Why? When I meet so many interesting people here!
*They pause outside the courtroom*
Donna: Everything's fine. I didn't talk to anybody, I didn't tell anybody your secrets. And if this guy approaches me -
Kalinda: Blake.
Donna: I won't tell him how heartless you can be. How insensitive. How self-preservation is your number one concern. And after four months you can barely say hello. I won't tell him any of that, okay?
*She walks off, leaving Kalinda alone in the corridor and she just stands there and it's so fucking heartbreaking*

Okay, so four months ago. In the show's timeline, when was that? Was that before or after Kalinda's make outs with both Det. Burton and Sexy Agent Lana?

Bar Conversation/Makeout

Donna: You sure you couldn't find any place darker?
Kalinda: You wanna go?
Donna: What?
Kalinda: You wanna go?
Donna: No. I just want to make sure you feel anonymous enough.
*Kalinda downs her drink*
Donna: You broke my heart.
Kalinda: Not intentionally.
Donna: Well that's a relief!
Kalinda: Donna, I'm not... I'm not 'domestic'.
Donna: You think that's what I wanted?
Kalinda: Yeah I do.
*Donna drapes her arm around Kalinda's neck*
Donna: You're just trying to keep me in line.
Kalinda: What do you mean?
Donna: You phoned me so I won't talk to your guy, Blake.
*long sexy pause*
Kalinda: Can't I be multi-tasking?
*Donna leans in close then pulls away*
Donna: I can't do this again. Hurts too much.
Kalinda: Then don't think about it. Look, it's just now and... we're just here.
Donna: And tomorrow we'll be someplace else.
Kalinda: And that's tomorrow.
Donna: I don't work that way.
*Donna storms off. Kalinda looks down at her drink, back up only to find Donna in her personal space*
*Donna storms off again*

The Party
[Imaginary screencaps! I ran out of time, sorry ;)]
Alicia: Hey look, Blake's got a date! I've gotta see what kind of woman dates Blake, c'mon!
*Alicia grabs Kalinda's hand and leads her over to Blake*
Alicia: Hi Blake! [Could Alicia get any cuter in this scene? She kills me]
Blake: Hey, hey.
*Blake's date turns around and it's Donna. Dun dun dunnnn!*
Donna: (to Kalinda) Hi.
Blake: Oh that's right, I think you two know each other.
Alicia: Oh no, I don't think we do! I'm Alicia. [Kills me!]
Kalinda: No, he means me. Hi Donna.
Donna: Kalinda. I was just heading home from work when Blake dropped by and asked if I wanted to come. (To Alicia) So you work with Kalinda?
Alicia: I do, and how do you two know each other?
Donna: Um, from the State's Attorney's Office. You're pretty.
Alicia: ...Thank you!
Donna: If I wore heels like that, I would tip over!
Kalinda: Donna could we have a moment please?
Donna: Your jacket! I like it.
Alicia: (hilarious looking down at her jacket) Thank-thank you.
Kalinda: A moment?
Donna: Sure, let's have a moment.
*They walk off leaving Blake and Alicia to chat. Alicia says the word "bitchin'" and I die for the third time*
Donna: She's SO not your type.
Kalinda: Donna, you're so off-base.
Donna: Really? How far off-base am I?
Kalinda: What's going on? You trying to get back at me?
Donna: (sarcastically) Oh, you mean Blake, that's right you did say something about a Blake. I didn't even make the connection!
Kalinda: Look, I'm taking you home.
Donna: No, you're not. You're not connected to me anymore, and I'm not connected to you.
*Donna walks off and joins Blake for a drink. Kalinda is left yet again standing alone*

So... consensus is Donna showed up with Blake to get back at Kalinda, probably not realising the gravity of the situation? Y/N? Also was drunk? Or just really overcome with bitterjealousexgirlfriend rage? AND SHE TOTALLY ZONED IN ON ALICIA, HELLO YES PLEASE.

I leave you with the hilarity of:

"You're pretty!"

"Thank you!"


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