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The Good Wife Flail Party

YOU GUYS. I may have skipped five episodes just to watch certain scenes in tonight's ep. TOTALLY JUSTIFIED.

Okay, before I get down to What We Learned, I need to do some fangirl flailing.

Eeee! Cuteness. And so sweet how Alicia was demanding a genuine smile from Kalinda. Heh, she's such a mum.

OKAY SO DONNA! Remember that time a billion years ago when we were all going nuts over one throwaway line in a phonecall? WELL HOW DO WE ALL FEEL NOW?! *FLAILS*
Donna! I love her. We NEED to see more of her. How long were she and Kalinda together? So many questions. There was a lot of information thrown at us tonight, so to help piece it all together I've transcribed the three main Kalinda/Donna scenes.

Four Months Later

Kalinda: Hey Donna. What's up?
*Donna walks off past her*
Kalinda: You're talking to somebody.
Donna: I'm talking to somebody? I'm talking to a lot of people.
Kalinda: Somebody from my office, an investigator named Blake.
*Donna continues reading through her brief*
Kalinda: Look, I need you to stop talking.
Donna: Kalinda, four months, and this is what you come to talk to me about?
Kalinda: How are you? [lulz, oh geez girl]
Donna: Oh yeah, humanitarian of the year.
*Donna defends her masturbating client awesomely and hilariously*
Kalinda: You could make a lot of money in a big firm.
Donna: Why? When I meet so many interesting people here!
*They pause outside the courtroom*
Donna: Everything's fine. I didn't talk to anybody, I didn't tell anybody your secrets. And if this guy approaches me -
Kalinda: Blake.
Donna: I won't tell him how heartless you can be. How insensitive. How self-preservation is your number one concern. And after four months you can barely say hello. I won't tell him any of that, okay?
*She walks off, leaving Kalinda alone in the corridor and she just stands there and it's so fucking heartbreaking*

Okay, so four months ago. In the show's timeline, when was that? Was that before or after Kalinda's make outs with both Det. Burton and Sexy Agent Lana?

Bar Conversation/Makeout

Donna: You sure you couldn't find any place darker?
Kalinda: You wanna go?
Donna: What?
Kalinda: You wanna go?
Donna: No. I just want to make sure you feel anonymous enough.
*Kalinda downs her drink*
Donna: You broke my heart.
Kalinda: Not intentionally.
Donna: Well that's a relief!
Kalinda: Donna, I'm not... I'm not 'domestic'.
Donna: You think that's what I wanted?
Kalinda: Yeah I do.
*Donna drapes her arm around Kalinda's neck*
Donna: You're just trying to keep me in line.
Kalinda: What do you mean?
Donna: You phoned me so I won't talk to your guy, Blake.
*long sexy pause*
Kalinda: Can't I be multi-tasking?
*Donna leans in close then pulls away*
Donna: I can't do this again. Hurts too much.
Kalinda: Then don't think about it. Look, it's just now and... we're just here.
Donna: And tomorrow we'll be someplace else.
Kalinda: And that's tomorrow.
Donna: I don't work that way.
*Donna storms off. Kalinda looks down at her drink, back up only to find Donna in her personal space*
*Donna storms off again*

The Party
[Imaginary screencaps! I ran out of time, sorry ;)]
Alicia: Hey look, Blake's got a date! I've gotta see what kind of woman dates Blake, c'mon!
*Alicia grabs Kalinda's hand and leads her over to Blake*
Alicia: Hi Blake! [Could Alicia get any cuter in this scene? She kills me]
Blake: Hey, hey.
*Blake's date turns around and it's Donna. Dun dun dunnnn!*
Donna: (to Kalinda) Hi.
Blake: Oh that's right, I think you two know each other.
Alicia: Oh no, I don't think we do! I'm Alicia. [Kills me!]
Kalinda: No, he means me. Hi Donna.
Donna: Kalinda. I was just heading home from work when Blake dropped by and asked if I wanted to come. (To Alicia) So you work with Kalinda?
Alicia: I do, and how do you two know each other?
Donna: Um, from the State's Attorney's Office. You're pretty.
Alicia: ...Thank you!
Donna: If I wore heels like that, I would tip over!
Kalinda: Donna could we have a moment please?
Donna: Your jacket! I like it.
Alicia: (hilarious looking down at her jacket) Thank-thank you.
Kalinda: A moment?
Donna: Sure, let's have a moment.
*They walk off leaving Blake and Alicia to chat. Alicia says the word "bitchin'" and I die for the third time*
Donna: She's SO not your type.
Kalinda: Donna, you're so off-base.
Donna: Really? How far off-base am I?
Kalinda: What's going on? You trying to get back at me?
Donna: (sarcastically) Oh, you mean Blake, that's right you did say something about a Blake. I didn't even make the connection!
Kalinda: Look, I'm taking you home.
Donna: No, you're not. You're not connected to me anymore, and I'm not connected to you.
*Donna walks off and joins Blake for a drink. Kalinda is left yet again standing alone*

So... consensus is Donna showed up with Blake to get back at Kalinda, probably not realising the gravity of the situation? Y/N? Also was drunk? Or just really overcome with bitterjealousexgirlfriend rage? AND SHE TOTALLY ZONED IN ON ALICIA, HELLO YES PLEASE.

I leave you with the hilarity of:

"You're pretty!"

"Thank you!"


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Your presents are the best! Alicia at the party cracked me up. I worry, though, that now that she's finally lightening up, something bad's coming her way. It's nice to see her happy, no? Even if it is a little, um, booze-induced.

And yay! to the hand-holding. There's so much of their relationship that we haven't seen, that's only been implied through dialogue, that it's nice to see that they are physically comfortable around one another. Casual, even. That's consistent.

Stupid Blake, go away.

And Liliiiiii. I hate that they're going to make us wait for her return. But you know they are. In what context will she next appear? In court?

What kind of woman could ever reform Kalinda? I have no idea. God bless whoever tries, though.
When?! When does Lili return? Do we know this for sure? Aghhhhhh I want her back.

Having skipped most of this season, I've missed all the Blake stuff, but holy hell is he creepy or what?! He actually comes across as slightly evil. It saddens me that so many of the entertainment blogs are like "ooh when will they hook up!", because the thought genuinely repulses me, because he's so sinister and you know it would be some weird manipulation game between the two of them. Nasty. But I totally don't see it happen, the writers don't seem to be going there at all. Plus Alicia's "what kind of woman dates Blake" line gave me hope ;)

My mind is absolutely OBSESSED with figuring out the Kalinda/Donna storyline. How did it begin? I can imagine Kalinda being her usual cool aloof investigator self, and Donna kind of forming an office crush. How long were they together? It must have been a while, right? For Donna to be suffering that much heartbreak. Man, I cannot get over that scene at the end. OH, SHOW.


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7 years ago

And God bless you, for screencapping that makeout scene in delicious, drawn out detail.
Clearly I have no self control with the commenting.

I just needed to add that Kalinda kissing Donna was NOM, especially because of the look she gives her right before. Like, yeah, this is how we do it *wets lips almost imperceptibly*....

Deleted comment

Omg, Julianna has this knack for comedy where she doesn't even seem to be trying, it just comes naturally, but then you remember she's acting and it's amazing!

I hope we get moarrr make out sessions!

Deleted comment

I totally agree, MJ, I think the Alicia/Kalinda storyline has a ways to go yet! I love seeing Kalinda get all protective of Alicia, so I'm hoping there's more of that. And who knows maybe she'll get caught out by the Childs' campaign, or Blake will tip them off or something. God I want Blake gone!

The final scene was so damn genius - so many levels going on at once, and Alicia being completely oblivious to all of them. Ha! Ooh I wonder if she will remember the phonecall. It would be amazing if she realised that Donna was jealous of her. Want!
Yay, picspam of awesome! There needs to be more Donna being amazing in court, and making out with Kalinda, and snarking at Alicia. Omg, that scene at the end with Kalinda and Alicia (dragging Kalinda off by the hand!) and Donna was so fantastic. In conclusion, more make outs, plz!
Jealous Donna, panicking Kalinda and oblivious Alicia might be my new favourite mix ever. The snarking at Alicia thing was just too awesome, poor Kalinda must have been dying inside. I'm so glad that Lili Taylor fitted seamlessly into the show, she was amazing. Her courtroom scene was brilliant. I hope she shows up again soon!


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November 11 2010, 22:04:08 UTC 7 years ago Edited:  November 11 2010, 22:04:35 UTC

Yay picspam! The end scene was my favourite, what with Alicia's faces and whatnot. :) I have to ask, though... which episode was the phone call from/what was the call about? I definitely don't remember this. LOL.
The end scene was pure gold! So so funny and awkward.

The phonecall was a teeny-tiny blink-and-you'll-miss-it scene from episode 1x04. Basically Donna answers Kalinda's phone for her (offscreen), and it helped to confirm our suspicions that Kalinda might be bisexy. You can read my recap here, if you don't have the episode handy! :)


7 years ago

I'm so behind with this show, but after this I just had to go directly to this week's episode. KALINDA, YOU'RE AWESOME. I wish the rest of the show would've remained as awesome as she is.

But omg, KUDOS to the writers for remembering this mysterious Donna who had a blink-and-you-miss-it line over a year ago. Now that is some continuity!
Haha, me too, totally skipped five episodes. Gonna have to go back and watch them at some point ;)

I really want to know if they'd planned the Donna storyline all along, because if so, that's pretty awesome!
Thanks so much for this picspam - lots of us flailing there with you :-).

I loved how they both made it explicit (oh, so nicely) that Kalinda *does* date women, *and* acknowledged the possibility that Kalinda may be crushing on Alicia (or, depending on your pov, threw a huge bone to Alicia/Kalinda shippers).

I actually don't mind Blake; I think he's been a good foil for Kalinda, and has been well-used narratively to reveal things about Kalinda and destabilize her quite a bit. The earlier eps this season probably featured him more prominently to establish the character, but now it looks like there'll be a more complicated web involving not just him and Kalinda, but Bond, possibly Will, maybe even Donna?
Yay flailing party!!

I love the fact they had Donna jealous of possible Alicia/Kalinda, because it encourages the viewer to suddenly analyse Kalinda's behaviour towards/around Alicia; and to stop and think wait a minute, maybe there is some truth to this! Hehe.

I'm looking forward to watching the previous five episodes and judging Blake accordingly ;)


7 years ago

Is it too late to join this disco ball Flailing party?

Kudos on managing to cap that scene! All attempts I've seen remained largely unsuccessful! Soooo much Kalinda goodness in that episode! And even a load of Alicia/Kalinda awesomeness in one tiny scene!
More questions than answers in the K/D situation but oh so delicious questions! I can't believe people don't see the chemistry!
How long were she and Kalinda together?
I have no earthly idea where (or when) the show is on a regular timeline now. Elections have not happened and it was September just a couple of weeks ago (or was it?) but I agree with Dars. Looks like she wasn't lying to Burton when she said she was in a relationship. Bad bad Kalinda! ;)
We do know/suspect they were already together in Fixed so assuming they were only starting to date (which they probably weren't) that's... a long fucking time lol.

Do you think Blake could die of smirkitosis? He should. I never saw anyone wear a smirk that long. It could become infected.
Welcome!! Never to late to flail :D

I agree that Kalinda & Donna must have been together for quite a while before breaking up. So frustrating that we don't even know how they broke up! Other than Kalinda must have done the breaking. Bad Kalinda!

I never saw anyone wear a smirk that long. It could become infected.
Haaaaaaa! I just hope Kalinda wins their game of one-up-manship, and he disappears into the night forever!



March 16 2011, 05:09:18 UTC 7 years ago

Nice recap since I watch the good wife in french a lot is being lost in translation.
That scene in the bar is really sexy.
I think maybe kalinda was a prostitute.Remember the scene in which she kisses the cop while he sits in his car.
That would explain the way she uses sex and seduction.
By the way there's something funny about Archie Panjabi:she was also kissing a girl in "public Affairs",and that was hot too.The clip's available on youtube.
Definitely seems to enjoy that doesn't she???
I’m really Glad i ran across this web site.Added to my bookmark!