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Let's talk about The Good Wife

I’ve been holding off making this post, because I didn’t want to admit it out loud, but I've been slowly falling out of love with this show. My recaps were originally written out of an excitement for something we don’t often get on television (namely, an all-female crime-fighting duo), but that’s starting to fade and it’s killing my inspiration. What this show was originally about has quietly shifted over the past season, and I am far less enthusiastic about this new direction. Which is really saying something, when you’ve got Kalinda being this gay:

Kalinda, Alicia, Cary and all my other favourites are still there, but I’m just finding that Peter’s storyline is becoming overpowering, and I literally cannot stand the Will-Alicia-Peter triangle of snoredom. This show was EPIC in the beginning because Alicia had no OTP. She was the spurned woman who was doin’ it for herself and making new friends along the way. The lack of manly foil allowed her relationships with other characters, which might not have had that opportunity otherwise, to flourish; for example Cary, Kalinda, Jackie and her kids. Not to mention hottie rogues like that motorbike riding fake!lawyer from early this season. I LOVED that man, they had terrific chemistry. Alicia and Will should have chemistry, but they don’t. I’m sure it’s written on the page, but it’s just not translating to the screen (for me) and it’s really killing my enjoyment of the show. Alicia and Peter have an extremely fascinating relationship, yet they’re turning to dramatics and love-triangles and it begins to feel a bit like overkill. Alicia and her kids had the most gorgeous relationship early in the season, it was refreshingly drama-free, yet entirely believable. That’s now all gone to hell with CONDOMGATE and Becca and all that jazz. It’s horrible, it’s sub-par television and certainly not what I signed up for.

Am I giving up on this show entirely? Of course not, did you see how gay-ly Kalinda’s sitting up there? Alicia and Kalinda continue to have one of the most interesting and unique dynamics on television. But I am disappointed with the direction The Good Wife has taken recently, and wanted to open a discussion to see if I'm missing the mark.

Feel free to try and change my mind, I’d honestly love to get excited about The Good Wife again. I’d also like to note that all the things I’ve listed turning me off TGW (extra dramatics, love triangles, more Bad Husband storylines) will probably garner the show even more ratings.

Kalinda spin-off, anyone??

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