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Bones 5x16

Oh my gods, I haven't watched Bones in years, but then the internet kind of exploded in the wake of the latest episode, so I watched it and NOW I HAVE MANY FEELINGS.

Firstly let's get this out of the way:

SO MUCH KISSAGE. And like, real kissage! No fantasy sequences, no evil twins, just serious pash action between two characters who seriously wanted that pash action. Did everyone just about die when Flashback!Brennan was all "We can have sex!!".

I seriously LOVED this episode. To me, their backstory was like a bolt of lightning - illuminating every interaction they've had ever since. It was so amazing to see them both new and fresh to each other, and how instantly their chemistry engaged. And whenever it cut back to them sitting on Sweets' couch in the present day, it really did feel like they were jumping six years through time. God David & Emily just knocked it out of the ball park. Imagine having to act like you'd never met your work-spouse before, and act like you'd made a palpable connection that was new to both of you, but still keep all your interactions in character with what you know ends up being emotional baggage for the next six years. I mean, my god! Maybe it was real tequila...

I think back to their antagonistic relationship in the pilot, and how annoyed she was with him, and it just makes so much SENSE. Their very real connection, their near hook-up, their fight, then not seeing each other for a whole year, only to be thrust back together in the pilot. No wonder they've never hooked up since, because that was old territory for them. I loved loved loved how Sweets was essentially the audience in this episode, having his little shipper's mind blown about the nature of their relationship.

As for the end, yes obviously it sucked and twitter exploded and thus I heard about this episode, but I really understood it, character-wise. Plus it gave DB the bloody best acting work I've seen him do in years. You could see Booth's heart breaking, didn't his expression just kill you?? But it was plain as day to me how terrified Brennan is on all counts, and why she pushed him away. She tells him it's for his own protection, from her, because she'll end up hurting him one way or another essentially. But I loved Emily's take on it, which is that Brennan has some crazy abandonment issues going on, and Booth is the best thing in her life and she's terrified of changing the status quo and losing him. I think we all know these two crazy kids will end up together in the long run, and I for one am suddenly re-energised in my excitement and love for this relationship. This was a HUGE step, and it just felt so natural and raw and honest. So I'm sure they need a little time to process things, and in the mean time I know we'll all be replaying those kisses over and over again.

Their real first meeting. I love how into each other they are. It was almost weird seeing Brennan so openly flirtatious (in her own special way of course) with a man she just met. It was a very romantic meeting too, the whole classroom setting, Booth expecting some stodgy old professor and finding this gorgeous off-beat genius instead. You could just see it all on his face!

Brennan: Are you... seeing anyone?
Booth: Wow, right to the point there, huh Bones? Uh, casually, but she doesn't really like my hours. You?
Brennan: Well, uh, a physicist has been asking me out, so I was thinking of saying yes...
Booth: I'd ask you out if I could.
Brennan: Why can't you?
Booth: Well, FBI rules again: No fraternising with other agents or consultants.
Brennan: That's too bad...
Booth: Glad you think so.

Tequila shots and making out in the rain, GUH!! It was so easy for them back then! They met, they liked each other, they went for it. No emotional baggage or bureaucratic red-tape like the present. Sweets was right, that this was their moment, and they missed it, and they've been taking it out on each other ever since. God that kiss was effing HOT. They should make a spin off series which is just Emily & David making out for forty-five minutes a week.

The way he grabbed her, their fight and the slap, and all the nasty things they said to each other. This scene was way too hard to watch, and it was the last time they saw each other, until the pilot. Can you imagine? You can kind of see how Brennan's too afraid of a relationship with Booth, when she knows they're so capable of hurting each other like this.

Booth makes his move, takes a gamble, says they should give it a shot. Brennan has obviously dreaded this moment, which will so change what they've built since the pilot. But you can see her heart breaking for him as she turns him down. I will never get over DB's expression, doesn't it just stab right through your heart. When he subtly wiped a tear away, I was unsubtly balling my eyes out into a box of tissues. His firm statement that he's going to move on, find someone who will love him for the next thirty, forty, fifty years, and her sad understanding of his reasons. Just can't wait til her desire for that same longevity in a relationship overpowers her abandonment fears. One day!

I know there was so much else awesome in this episode (Tempe and Angela! ZAAACK! Zack and Hodgins hating each other! Hodgins being a total bastard with anger management issues! Brennan punching the judge! The idea for Angela's facial reconstruction computer thingy! Loved it all), but the Booth & Brennan stuff just blew my mind. Their open and easy flirtation in the flashbacks!! I think the crazy and amazing thing was just seeing their relationship without the angst yet. The longer a show runs, the higher the angst factor. So to set the reset button on them was pretty phenomenal!

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