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I feel like gathering you all around and shouting, Jenna Maroney-style, ACTOR EMERGENCY!

Except swap "actor" for "fangirl" and you get the picture. I need help, you guysss. The only two shows I watch with my girlfriend, Castle & Glee, are reaching their season finales. We need something to fill the hole in our hearts where they reside. The only other show we watch together is NZ's "The Zoo", which is less a TV show and more twenty minutes of having cute animals thrown at your face.

So I'm here to take your recommendations. But there are a couple of requirements. Firstly, I already watch the usual suspects (Community, 30 Rock, Game of Thrones, Fringe etc), but my Lady has no interest in them. Secondly, nothing depressing, this needs to be our escape-from-reality lulzy forty minutes of pure joy and cheeseballs. All genres welcome.

So, hit me with your best suggestions. Please and thank you.
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