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Is this thing on?

Show of hands. Who's still out there, reading/writing/using LJ?

I've been itching to start writing again (or, I guess, blogging) but was sort of leaning away from LJ for a while. My journal is nearly 8 years old, and to be honest often just feels like a big, cumbersome dinosaur. I've been tempted to start a shiny new wordpress blog for my pop cultural ramblings, but every time I open the damn thing, I just can't seem to put words to keyboard. A new blog, with no followers and no niche within fandom, just feels too impersonal. Thus, this indecision (coupled with a distraction of the lady variety), brought my blogging to a complete stop. Not a post in over a year. I've been promising myself I'd get at least one thing up on wordpress, but I just can't seem to break that virginal barrier. But I've had an epiphany of sorts.

It's actually thanks to violettavalery (Hi Alice!). On Twitter the other day, she commented that LJ remains the only place she can really be herself. And it hit me. That's so damn true. I don't even *think* when I'm writing here, the words just flow out of my hands. I'm not stressing about who might be reading it, or whether I'm making a good impression. I'm simply writing things that I'd like to write. I've also got people on here that share such common interests, why would I abandon that? I know there's only a few of us left, but two people (who are already familiar with my ramblings) reading this journal are better than the zero I'd have on wordpress.

Thus, Imma have another run at it. I miss capslocking about Kalinda, or Stana Katic's hair. I want back in.

So, I ask again. Who's still around? Put your paws up, as Mama Monster would say.

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