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Speculation Post!

So, in light of recent The Good Wife spoilers involving Lili Taylor's guest stint, I'm dying to hear all your thoughts and predictions!

Alright, so here are the latest spoilers from Ausiello which add to what we'd already learned.

So what do we know?
-Lili Taylor will guest star.
-She will play Donna Seabrook, a public defender.
-She is connected to Kalinda's past.
-She has (or is) information that Kalinda does not want being uncovered.
-Blake is the one doing the digging.
-Things most likely were or are romantic between she and Kalinda.

What we want to know:
-How many episodes is she around for?
-Is this THE Donna from episode 1x04?
-Will there be ~*sexytiems*~ between Donna and Kalinda?
-Will Alicia be involved/aware of this storyline at all?
-Will Blake be found trampled to death and covered in boot imprints after this episode arc?

I totally agree with darsfebruary's assesment that you don't cast Lili Taylor unless you want it to be GAY GAY GAY. I have unbelievably high hopes for this storyline.

Oh and maybe the Americans can help me out with this question. What is a public defender? Does this mean she's a state-appointed lawyer, but on the opposite side to Childs? Or will she be from Childs' office? I mean, that would make sense, since Kalinda has connections there too (and that Ausiello article does tease about "professional ties").

Also, who's totally hoping for a meeting between Donna and Alicia so Donna can be all "So, you're THE Alicia?" and Kalinda can die of embarrassment. Haha, cannot wait.

Update: Dars has taken some time out from hanging with Sara Ramirez (!!) to link us to this interview with Archie where she discusses the addition of Lili Taylor. Of particular interest is this bit:
"Let's just say we’re very good friends. Or we were, maybe, continuing to be good friends"
I likes the sound of that.


PS - On an unrelated but awesome note, Warehouse 13 got renewed for a third season. YES!
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