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Lost Girl

Hey ladiesss, there's a new femslash couple in town and nobody told us! How come it seems all the sweeps week fauxmosexual storylines get trumpeted in the headlines, but then when something real and sustained comes along, it gets no coverage! It's like how we only knew something was up with Kalinda because she tripped our collective gaydars.

Bo (a succubus, feeds off people's seksual energy) and Lauren (human lady doctor, brimming with seksual energy), the gals in question, are one side of a love triangle featured in ShowCase Canada's new fantasy series, Lost Girl. Two episodes have aired so far, and I haven't had time to watch 'em properly, but did I skip through to the femslashy parts? You bet I did. Picspammed for your discerning tastes, under the cut. Just don't expect me to know what in the hell is going on ;)

So Bo is like [insert any fantasy character here], going through life knowing she has weird-ass powers, but not knowing how or why. Then some plot happens, and she comes into contact with the Fea, mythical magical powerful creature people, who are split into two opposing camps; the Light and the Dark (original!). Among them is a sexy human Doctor called Lauren who checks out Bo after she is captured. Checks out, if y'know what I mean, and I think you do.

Lady Doctor has to examine her nekkid, y'know, for science.

"I'm in it for the science..."
"Ah, kinky"

And you thought I was joking ;)

They flirt around each other while Lauren explains that Bo is a succubus, and a perfect specimen at that. "My god you're beautiful!" Obvious Lauren is obvious, but her cute little embarrassed face is worth it.

Bo explains that she has that effect on people, but Lauren's hilarious overt oggling kind of tells us that this infatuation ain't got nothing to do with magical powers. If this was a cartoon, Lauren's jaw would be on the floor and her tongue unfurling like a carpet. Look at her! I don't know if they played this scene over-the-top on purpose, to make sure we know it's more than just subtext, but who am I to complain!

Bo then uses her ~*sexuality*~ to try and escape. Jenna Maroney would be proud. When Lauren lets on that she knows what Bo is doing, but doesn't want her to stop, Bo's smile issocute.

Omg you guys that might be the cutest caught-red-handed-trying-to-sneak-prisoner-out-for-sexy-times look ever. I just love the fact she knew she was being succubus-seduced, but didn't care because she IS IN IT FOR THE SCIENCE. Oh, right, of course. Nothing wrong with a little experimentation. Hahahaha Bo's all "sorry, it was worth a try" and Lauren's like "oh no, it was very *ahem* informative". Hee!

By the way, the man part of this love-triangle is some kind of detective, who's also Fea (the magical creature people, like Bo). But really all anyone is thinking is to call Gwyneth Paltrow and tell her to get her husband back.

"They're going to give her The Test"
"Without training? That's MADNESS!"
Madness she tells you!

In conclusion, both women are like SUPER ATTRACTIVE. This show has already had Bo make out with women and men, so they're obviously willing to go there. Plus she's just slept with Detective Chris Martin, which I'm hoping means it'll burn out soon - especially as she only used him for sex so she could steal his seksual energy to heal herself. So I'm hoping her connection with Lauren will run deeper. And sexy times shall be had by all.

Oh man, I haven't even told you about Bo's sidekick yet! She's like the best part of this show. Kenzi's totally the comic relief, the self-appointed Robin to Bo's Batman. They get up to some hilarious adventures and look fabulous doing so. Kenzi's made it clear she's not into the ladies like Bo is, and I love this show for allowing its female characters to have a conversation like that; and in such a cute and hilarious way. Revel in their majesty!

Yes my friends, the femslashing potential is strong with this one!

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